Mail-Away Closings

Are you planning to travel out of state, or even out of the country, at some point during the Christmas season? Did you know that it is still possible to complete your real estate closing from a different state? Even from a different country?

If you are selling real estate, the deed and most of your closing documents can be emailed to you well in advance of the actual closing date. You can then print them and take them to the notary of your choice. For example, here at Tallgrass Title, we closed a transaction for a person who currently lives in Japan. This person was able to bring the deed to the American Consulate to have his signature notarized. Military personnel can also get access to a notary through their base legal office.

Once the documents have been properly executed, they should be shipped back to our office using a carrier service that provides tracking information. It is recommended that the deed and other originals be returned to the closing & escrow agent as soon as possible so they can be reviewed and approved well in advance of the closing. Settlement Statements with the final costs of the transaction can be signed electronically, or if you don’t have access to email, these can be faxed or even mailed if there is enough time before closing. Or, if you have hired a realtor, you can appoint them as your Power of Attorney to sign the documents for you.

If you are purchasing real estate and not obtaining financing, the closing process can be very simple. Funds can be wired directly to our escrow account, or delivered to us as a cashier’s check. Also, the few documents that usually must be signed can be done electronically.

If you are obtaining financing, you must let your Lender and your closing agent know well in advance where you will be on the closing date. As soon as we know where you will be, we can schedule an appointment for you with a notary at another title company. If you are not able to travel to a title office, in some cases we can find a mobile notary. This person will be able to meet you at a location and time that is more convenient for you. They will help you complete and sign the documents and return them to us. In the past, we closed a transaction for a person stationed on a military base in Hawaii in this way.

We know that the Christmas season can be a busy and stressful time. Let Tallgrass Title help reduce some of that pressure by coming up with a plan for your closing that works for you.